Cleaning Services

Whatever the building type, whatever the problem, we can clean it
Apartment Buildings

Clean All Over can look after the cleaning of apartment buildings and complexes, with the full complement of power washing, manual cleaning, cherry picker and height access available. We can maintain communal areas such as lobby, corridors, stairways and gardens. All personnel requiring Safe Pass are fully certified and every Clean All Over staff member is fully-trained in all relevant health and safety issues.

Corporate Offices

Having a clean and comfortable office is vital to the smooth operation of every business.

Clean All Over can provide a professional, time efficient and effective service when it comes to the daily upkeep of your corporate environment. We can look after conference room cleaning, lobbies and common areas, vacuuming and polishing, spot cleaning and shampooing.

Clean All Over school cleaning

Schools and Colleges

At Clean All Over, we provide a service that takes any hassle out of this difficult job. We believe that a clean, safe, and comfortable teaching environment helps to create the optimum learning environment.

Retail Outlets/Shopping Centres

Maintaining and cleaning a shopping centre has a very different specification to normal cleaning jobs. Specialised cleaning equipment is required.

Using industry-leading cleaning equipment, along with highly-trained staff, Clean All Over can provide a regular maintenance cleaning service to retail outlets and shopping centres.

Carpet Cleaning

Clean All Over’s carpet cleaners are highly trained and experienced in all forms of carpet cleaning.

All of our carpets are treated with deodorisers and disinfectants and the latest in carpet cleaning technology.

Clean All Over guarantees a professional carpet cleaning service to the highest quality, ensuring great value within your budget.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows can really uplift the outside of your home or business. They can improve the appearance of the building and are essential to maintaining a professional image.

Clean All Over uses water-fed pole cleaning systems to access high and hard to reach windows. We can guarantee that no glass will be scratched and we use environmentally-friendly supplies.

Graffiti Removal

Whether it is an emergency before a large event or a continuous problem, graffiti on your building can have a negative effect on the image of your company. Clean All Over can get rid of this graffiti through power-washing and pressure-cleaning in a fast, efficient and professional manner.

Clean All Over graffiti removal